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For state legislators, the goal of conserving 30% of land and water by 2030 offers the opportunity to protect critical wildlife habitat, increase outdoor access for underrepresented communities, boost local economies, and prevent continued ecosystem degradation and loss. Bookending the release of the DOI’s America the Beautiful Report, which outlines early recommendations for achieving 30x30, a number of state and local governments have introduced legislation in support of this goal. As federal momentum continues to build, states can play a key role in protecting lands and waters that support ecosystem, economic, and community health.

Key Points

Key Point 1

By the numbers: 12% of U.S. lands and 26% of the ocean is currently protected; 86% of global biodiversity is contained in Indigenous lands/protected areas. (The Wilderness Society)

Key Point 2

A 2021 poll of registered voters found 4 out of 5 in support of the plan. (ALG Research)

Key Point 3

30x30 was included as a key goal in one of the current administration’s first Executive Orders. (The White House)

Key Point 4

A 2020 report from the Campaign for Nature found the economic benefits of protecting 30% of the planet’s land and ocean outweigh the costs at least 5-to-1. (Campaign for Nature)


  • Illinois HB 3928 (2021) – Would create the Illinois Thirty-By-Thirty Conservation Task Force, which would make recommendations to the General Assembly regarding conservation of Illinois land and implementation of the 30×30 goal.
  • Michigan SR 0072 / HR 0025 (2021) – Would urge the Governor to establish a statewide 30×30 goal and to update the state land management plan accordingly.
  • Hawaii HB 1019 (2021) – Establishes a fund to help implement Hawaii’s 30×30 marine management goals.
  • Nevada AJR 3 (2021) – Expresses support for various actions related to implementing 30×30 in Nevada.


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