Press Release

NCEL Stands in Solidarity with Representative Park Cannon

March 26, 2021



NCEL Point of Contact

Taylor Anderson
Communications Director


NCEL Statement Regarding the Arrest of Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon

NCEL leadership stands in support of Georgia State Representative Park Cannon, who was unjustly arrested for exercising her first amendment rights by knocking on the door of the Governor as he signed a bill that limits the right to vote. We strongly condemn her treatment and the charges filed against her, which demonstrate a racialized double standard when compared against the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and militia demonstrations in state capitols across the country. 

Rep. Cannon’s arrest and the recent signing of Georgia bill SB202 represent a long history of systemic attempts to silence and assault the voices, power, and well-being of Black community members. Our country will never prevail if racist terrors against Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, and other community members of color persist. 

As environmental advocates, we believe civic participation and democratic processes are the cornerstones of equitable public policymaking. We stand against efforts to prevent or limit people from voting, including the bill signed by the Georgia Governor, and other unjust efforts across the country that aim to suppress the civic engagement of people of color. 

Rep. Cannon fights as staunchly against voter suppression and disenfranchisement as she does against environmental racism because she understands the role of anti-racism in creating equitable and thriving communities. We wish Rep. Cannon an abundance of rest before returning to her work fighting for a more equitable Georgia. As well, the NCEL leadership commits to our own ongoing anti-racism work internally and with our members.