Policy Update

Coastal States Advance Offshore Wind Legislation 

March 14, 2022



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On March 3, the Massachusetts House passed a bill that would create investments and incentives for offshore wind development in the state. If enacted, Massachusetts would invest hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade in infrastructure, innovation, job training, and transmission upgrades. Future procurements would also strengthen protections for fisheries and the environment. 

In addition to Massachusetts, there are 9 states working on offshore wind legislation this year. 

  • New Hampshire passed two offshore wind bills through the Senate. SB 268 requires the public utilities commission to ensure that certain criteria regarding impact and use studies are met before approving offshore wind power purchase agreements. SB 440 directs the Office of Offshore Wind Industry Development to advise on the development of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine and the respective power purchase agreements.
  • South Carolina passed a bill through the House that would advance an economic development study to create a plan to compete in attracting offshore wind industries to the state.  
  • California and Virginia introduced 2022 budget bills that would expand funding for offshore wind infrastructure. 
  • Hawaii introduced legislation that recognizes the benefits of responsible offshore wind development and would set siting restrictions to protect coastal resources.

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