America the Beautiful For All Coalition: 2024 Fly-In and Policy Agenda

April 15, 2024



NCEL Point of Contact

Kate Burgess
Conservation Program Manager


On March 19 and 20, the America the Beautiful for All Coalition had over 100 members fly in to DC and meet with dozens of Congressional offices, White House Officials, and Agency decision-makers. The meeting topics included: the role of states in implementing 30×30 and Justice 40, wetlands conservation in a post-Sackett world, strategies for increasing access to natural places, and the role of conservation as a tool for justice. 

2024 Policy Agenda

Prior to the fly-in, the coalition released their 2024 Policy Agenda outlining more than a dozen policy priorities spanning many issues including freshwater, oceans, public lands, urban parks & greenspaces, and wildlife protections. The Policy Agenda serves as a roadmap for State, Tribal, and Federal action on 30×30 and Justice40 implementation throughout the year.

Key Priorities

  • Freshwater: In recognition of the threats posed to freshwater systems, there is a need for increased quality and quantity of freshwater protections.
  • Oceans: The climate crisis threatens critical habitats such as salt marshes, seagrass, mangroves, and corals as well as marine wildlife that sustain coastal communities. The coalition is focused on the designation and management of marine protected areas (MPA). These areas contain biodiversity-rich ecosystems. 
  • Public Lands: Protections of public lands that are critical for climate resilience, and designated by communities that reflect the diversity of and richness of American communities. 
  • Urban Parks & Greenspaces: Vital for public and environmental health, green spaces and urban parks promote equity, biodiversity, and a healthier environment. The coalition has outlined policy options addressing environmental racism and the lack of access to quality green spaces.
  • Wildlife Protections: North American wildlife is under threat of extinction due to habitat loss or fragmentation, human activity, and the climate crisis. The coalition has also highlighted strategies that tackle the biodiversity crisis head-on. 

What Is The America The Beautiful For All Coalition?

America the Beautiful for All Coalition has members from more than 250 nonprofits from across the country. It is among the largest and most diverse coalitions working to center communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis while working towards the national goal to conserve 30% of U.S. lands, water, and ocean by 2030. 

NCEL Leadership Within the Coalition

NCEL’s Conservation Program Manager, Kate Burgess, serves as a co-lead for the coalition’s Priorities, Projects & Campaigns Workgroup. NCEL’s Wildlife and Habitat Coordinator Logan Christain is also on the coalition’s wildlife working group. Kate and Logan’s expertise is helping to lead the coalition toward their land, water, wildlife, and equitable outdoor access goals while ensuring states are part of the conversation.