Annual Report

2018 Annual Report



NCEL Point of Contact

Taylor Anderson
Communications Director


Message from NCEL’s President, Pricey Harrison

States legislators across the country are changemakers who have continued to implement innovative and landmark environmental policies needed to propel our country forward. States are the focus for protecting public health and the environment. Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in these landmark environmental policies coming out of state legislatures. As the federal government continues to step back from their role of environmental protection, states have proven time and time again they’re ready to step up.
In Delaware, New Jersey, and California, state legislators blocked federal attempts to open up coasts to offshore drilling. Across the country, states responded to attacks on clean energy by advancing meaningful climate policies.
We are constantly learning more about the benefits of outdoor engagement and healthy ecosystems, which is why more states are prioritizing protecting public lands and biodiversity. More and more states are adopting policies to protect wildlife, from pollinators to exotic endangered species.
My colleagues across the country are not backing away from protecting public health by taking action on improving and expanding access to clean water, toxic chemicals, and reducing plastic pollution. With the huge momentum, we gained this past year, I’m excited to see all the work that we can accomplish together in the coming year.