EPA Issues New Report on Benefits of Climate Action

An exhaustive EPA report issued on June 23, 2015, “Climate Change in the U.S. – Benefits of Global Action,” finds that reducing greenhouse gas emissions could prevent the deaths of thousands of Americans and save hundreds of billions of dollars.

The report notes that as much as $18 billion in lost labor by 2050 and $110 billion by 2100 could be saved if global warming is slowed. If carbon pollution is not reduced, however, the shellfish industry will lost 1/3 of its harvest, the coral reefs of Hawaii and Florida will nearly disappear, and up to 13,000 deaths will occur by 2050.

The report, written by scientists from MIT, federal energy research labs and consultants, can be downloaded by chapter or in whole: http://www2.epa.gov/cira/downloads-cira-report