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Sen. Russman Supports Bills Regarding Mercury-Containing Products

Jan 01, 2000Mercury-Containing Products: Senate Bill 1418, which was signed into law, does the following:

  1. Prohibits the sale of certain mercury-added products
  2. Establishes notification and disclosure requirements for permissable mercury-containing products
  3. Establishes limitations on the use of elemental mercury
  4. Authorizes the department of environmental serivces to participate in the establishment and implementation of a regional, multi-state clearinghouse of manufacturers' notifications of mercury-added products
  5. Includes the identification of mercury-added consumer products and health care facility products in the duties of the Mercury Study Committee.

Solid Waste: The resolution, SCR 7, which is in interim study, urges the federal government and New Hampshire's congressional delegation to consider the impacts on New Hampshire and other small states of interstate waste legislation, and to support federal authorization of state and local governments' authority to prohibit or limit the receipt of out-of-state municipal solid waste.

Water Withdrawals: SB 330, which was signed into law, establishes a committee to study the impact of water withdrawals on instream flows and the impact of instream flow rules on entities that withdraw water or are effected by instream flows.

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