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DE Senate Passes McDowell's RPS Bill

Jun 24, 2004On June 22, the Delaware Senate passed renewables portfolio standards legislation sponsored by NCEL participant Senator Harris McDowell, III. The bill, SB161, sets the minimum precentage of an electricity supplier's portfolio that must come from renewable sources in a given year. The goal is to reach 10% by 2020.

The following chart shows the year and percentages of renewable energy.


Compliance Year & Cumulative Minimum Percentage

2007 1%

2008 1.5%

2009 2%

2010 2.75%

2011 3.5%

2012 4.25%

2013 5%

2014 5.75%

2015 6.5%

2016 7.25%

2017 8%

2018 9%

2019 10%

According to the bill, the following energy sources qualify as Eligible Energy Resources for the purposes of this Act:

(1) Solar energy technologies that employ solar radiation to produce electricity that powers electricity generators;

(2) Electricity derived from wind energy;

(3) Electricity derived from ocean energy including wave or tidal action, currents, or thermal differences;

(4) Geothermal energy technologies that generate electricity with a steam turbine, driven by hot water or steam extracted from geothermal reservoirs in the earth’s crust.

(5) Electricity generated by a fuel cell powered by Renewable Fuels;

(6) Electricity generated by the combustion of methane gas captured from a landfill;

(7) Electricity generated by the combustion of gas from the anaerobic digestion of organic material;

(8) Electricity generated from the combustion of biomass that has been cultivated and harvested in a sustainable manner as determined by DNREC, where the biomass facility is not an “incinerator” as defined elsewhere in this title; and

(9) Electricity generated by a hydroelectric facility that has a maximum design capacity of 30 megawatts or less from all generating units combined that meet appropriate environmental standards as determined by DNREC.

To view a copy of this bill, visit the Delaware legislature's website:

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