Urban Sprawl

Land Use and Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is the growth of scattered, poorly planned development in communities across the nation, often negatively impacting public health and the environment. Communities and governments are looking to manage urban and suburban growth with smart growth solutions.

Environmental Law Institute - Sustainable Use of Land Program

The Preservation Institute

Congress for New Urbanism
   Learn about the philosophy behind New Urbanism.

Urban Land Institute
   Resources on urban revitalization, smart growth, and transportation.

American Farmland Trust
   Learn about efforts around the nation to preserve farmland and promote environmentally responsible farming practices.

ELI "Planning for Biodiversity: Authorities in State Land Use Laws" 2003

Sierra Club - Stopping Sprawl
   www.sierraclub.org/sprawl Reports and activist resources on sprawl, smart growth, transportation, and livable communities.

ELI .Ten Things Wrong with Sprawl.

Chad Emerson, The Smart Code Solution to Sprawl, Island Press 2007 (guide to implementation of a comprehensive planning code)

Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse
   Slightly outdated clearinghouse for resources on sprawl with information and links on smart growth, federal policies, state-by-state information, land conservation, etc.

Sprawl Guide
   Information about urban sprawl, including essays, books, and current news. It offers solutions and resources for halting sprawl.

Preservenet: "Unplanning: Livable Cities and Political Choices," Charles Siegel 2010 (advocating going beyond the urban sprawl movement and put direct political limits on urban growth)
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