Dennis Ozment, Program Coordinator for Toxic Chemicals

Dennis Ozment served as a Minnesota State Representative for 24 years, with 8 years as Chair of Environment Policy and Finance Committees. He also served on the City of Minneapolis Fire Department for 27 years as Captain, Asst. Fire Marshal and as an adjunct professor for the U.S. Fire Academy.

While serving as a Minneapolis Fire inspector 40 years ago, he became very involved in the new 1970 technologies of ‘home smoke detection’. Because of this unusual expertise, Ozment was transferred via the ‘Intergovernmental Personal Act’ to Washington D.C. where he wrote and delivered a ‘National Home Smoke Detector Training Program and Manuals’ for our nation’s fire service. Through this activity he witnessed how government action could save, and continues to save, thousands of lives. The experience inspired him to get more involved and he started running for elective office.